Collection of 46 Silver Bromide photographs depicting the 1920 America's race between Resolute the succesful defender and Shamrock IV the English Chalanger of the 13th America's Cup that were once bound into an album. The collection has (14) signed photographs with blind stamps by Morris Rosenfeld and (14) with blind stamps  of the photographs by Edwin Levick and an adtional (17) unsigned photos that were probably taken by one or the other of these photographers and just lack the blindstamp. There is one photograph titled and signed by Wm. H. Todd of the crew of Resolute celebrating their win at the Hotel Bossert 1920 in Brooklyn. 
All but 1 of the photographs are mounted front and back on a heavy blak paper mount. The sizes of the images vary but the average size of each photo is 7 x 9 inches. In one instance there are (4) small photos mounted to one side of the mount. The collection has (34) photos showing Resolute and Shamrock IV and (12) photos showing people or groups of people. These portrait photos include pictures of Nathaniel Herreshoff, Charles Francis Adams, the members of the afterguard and a picture with Sir Thomas Lipton.
Most of the photos have a small number wrtten in pencil on the mount that corresponds to the 32 descriptions below. The top of the original leather album cover is also included with the titled "Resolute 1920" in gold letering. Albums depicting a single America's Cup are very rare and this is one of the very few examples that features the illustrious maritime photraphers Morris Rosenfeld and Edwin Levick's works. 
Condtion: The photographs vary in condition from good to excellent and only one photograph is missing a corner.
1. [Rosenfeld, M.] Nathanael Greene Herreshoff in Herreshoff launch. An iconic portrait of the designer of Resolute.
1a.Levick, Edwin. Resolute dismasted.
1b.Levick, Edwin. Robert Emmons, left, with Sherman Hoyt, one of the most famous yachtsmen of the 20th century.
2.[Levick, Edwin, attr.] Resolute Syndicate manager Robert Emmons, at right, examining keel of Resolute in drydock, with George Nichols.
2a.     [Levick, Edwin, attr.] Bow view of Resolute in drydock
2b.Levick, Edwin. Port beam view of Resolute, with Jack Parkinson screening Charles Francis Adams at the wheel and George Nichols and Robert Emmons further aft.
2c.[Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] Portrait of Charles Francis Adams, skipper of Resolute.
2d.[Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] Charles Francis Adams (“the Deacon”) in trade-mark floppy hat.
3.Levick, Edwin. Professional crew of Resolute. Highly important because a complete list of the crew members is given on the verso of the image.
4.Levick, Edwin. Second copy of No. 3, lacking crew list on verso.
5.Levick, Edwin. Group portrait of Resolute afterguard: 2nd from left, John Parkinson, Jr.; 3rd from left, George Cormack; 5th from left, Bob Emmons (?); extreme right, Sherman Hoyt.
5a.Rosenfeld, Morris. Afterguard of Shamrock IV, Captain Burton at the wheel.
5b.Rosenfeld, Morris. Remarkable view of Resolute afterguard in action: CFA at wheel; Parkinson kneeling by binnacle; Bob Emmons standing at right; George Cormack in companionway.
5c. [Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] SirThomas Lipton with Resolute syndicate manager Robert W. Emmons.
5d.Levick, Edwin. Afterguard of Resolute, left to right: Arthur Adams, John Parkinson, Robert Emmons, George Cormack, C. F. Adams.
6.Rosenfeld, Morris. View of J. P. Morgan’s steam yacht Corsair (II), observing Resolute and Shamrock IV from leeward position.
7. Rosenfeld, Morris. Resolute reaching to an easy victory with Shamrock IV hull down astern.
8.Levick, Edwin. Exceptional view of starboard bow of Resolute, with Bob Emmons standing at right.
9.Levick, Edwin. Jack Parkinson, a former All American football player at Harvard, is at the wheel of Resolute.
10. Rosenfeld, Morris. Resolute opens big lead over Shamrock IV (shown just passing Ambrose Lightship).
11. [Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] Shamrock IV beats Resolute to the finish by a wide margin, 20 July 1920.
12.Rosenfeld, Morris. Shamrock IV overtakes Resolute on weather leg, 20 July.
13.Rosenfeld, Morris. Another view of Shamrock IV’s decisive victory over Resolute, 20 July 1920
14.Rosenfeld, Morris. Resolute with spinnaker up, ascrew of Shamrock IV stuggles to square her pole and set her spinnaker.
15.[Unidentified photographer.] View of Resolute victory dinner, with professional crew at head table. Location of the dinner not known. [Out of sequence here, obviously; but backed by racing photo.  See Image 33.)
16.[Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] View of Resolute romping on a close reach.
17.Levick, Edwin. Resolute and Shamrock IV converge at the starting line.
18.  Levick, Edwin. View of Resolute from port quarter: Adams at wheel, Parkinson by binnacle, Emmons behind Adams, Nichols (?) seated between two sailors.
19. [Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] Memorable view of Resolute working to windward of Shamrock IV, with fantail of steam yacht Corsair at left.
20.Unknown photographer. Four informal views of Resolute under tow.
21. Levick, Edwin. Shamrock IV and Resolute drift across the starting line in very light air.
22. [Levick, Edwin, attr.] Resolute (left) and Shamrock IV] before race start.
23.[Levick, Edwin, attr.] Shamrock IV leads Resolute over the line in the second (postponed) race, 20 July 1920.
24. Levick, Edwin. Resolute reaching under reefed main and working jib in a fresh breeze.
25.Levick, Edwin. Shamrock IV (left) and Resolute approaching Ambrose Lightship on different tacks.
26. Rosenfeld, Morris. Shamrock IV to weather of Resolute, with spectator fleet massed in middle distance. One of Rosie’ greatest America’s Cup images.
27.Rosenfeld, Morris. Shamrock IV with her crew outlined against the backlit horizon, with Resolute. At least 20 crewmen are visible
28.[Rosenfeld, Morris, attr.] Resolute in drydock. View from starboard quarter.
29.Rosenfeld, Morris. Shamrock IV being covered by Resolute as she crosses the starting line.
30.Rosenfeld, Morris. Shamrock IV working to weather of Resolute.
31.Roseenfeld, Morris. Resolute overtaking Shamrock IV.
32.Rosenfeld, Morris. Resolute to windward of Shamrock IV at race start.
33. Unknown photographer. Dinner given to the crew of the Resolute by Wm. H. Todd, at Hotel Bossert, 1920.
34. Leather cover of Resolute 1920 album.