Extremely rare and probably unique pair of iron candelabra, probably built by the Globe Iron Works Company, Cleveland, Ohio, circa 1891.  Each stand has a tripod "S" shaped leg with applied curled metal decorations, below three "C" shaped sections with similar decorations.  The top section has an iron dome with five (5) twisted iron arms with leaf decoration going around the perimeter.  At the center is a single twisted iron holder.  The six arms each hold the inverted neck of a bottle of champagne.  Some of the necks retain the original lead wrap which is signed: "C H MUNN & Co.".  All of the bottle necks retain the original corks.  Mounted to the bottom of each bottle is a silver plaque with the name and date of the ship's christening; each of these champagne bottle necks was the actual bottle used.  At the top of each bottle neck, there is a silver bobech with a beaded edge.  Each bobech is engraved with the name of the ship and date of christening, thus matching the silver plaque below.  A list of ships including the date of christening, and the length of the vessel is listed below.  The ships were built between November 1, 1888 and October 15th of 1890 at the Globe Iron Works Company, Cleveland, Ohio.  Most of the ships were registered to Cleveland, Ohio although a few were registered to Buffalo, New York. (MI-401)  All ships were built by the Globe Iron Works in Cleveland, Ohio:     1. Nov. 1, 1888  Stmr. "Northern Queen" L. 299.5 ft., Cleveland. 2. Feb. 12, 1889  Stmr. "North Star"  L. 299.5 ft., Cleveland. 3. Apr. 2, 1889  Stmr. "Cayuga"  L. 290 ft., Cleveland. 4. June 3, 1889  Stmr. "Northern Wave" L. 299.5 ft., Cleveland. 5. June 8, 1889  Stmr. "Seneca"  L. 290 ft., Cleveland. 6. July 10, 1889  Stmr. "Vulcan"  L. 260 ft., Cleveland. 7. Oct. 31, 1889  Stmr. "Castalia"  L. 292.5 ft., Cleveland. 8. Dec. 21, 1889  Stmr. "Saranac"  L. 290 ft., Cleveland. 9. May  7, 1990  Stmr.  "Maruba"  L. 290.6 ft., Cleveland. 10. June 17, 1990  Stmr.  "Matoa"  L. 290 ft., Cleveland. 11. June 21, 1890  Stmr.  "Manola" L.282.4 ft., Cleveland. 12. Oct. 15, 1990  Stmr.  "Saxon"  L.296.2 ft., Cleveland. Reference 1:  "List of Merchant Vessels for the Years 1889, 1890 and 1891". Reference 2:  "Record of American and Foreign Shipping 1894". Dimensions:  Height 18 7/8 inches.