Buttersworth, James E. 
                                                                            (American  1817-1894) 
Oil on mahogany panel, depicting the American yacht, 'Clio', off Dover, signed lower right: 'J E Buttersworth', circa 1883.  At the center of the painting is a beautiful depiction of the yacht, 'Clio', featured on her  windward side.  She is a two masted topsail schooner flying the American flag from the top of the main gaff, and a red and white swallow tail private signal from the top of the main topmast. The deck details and figures are very precisely drawn.  The sails are filled with air and are beautifully drawn. The sail seams and reef points are also well drafted.  In the background, one sees the white cliffs of Dover. To the left and to the right of the schooner yacht are sloop yachts with gaff rigs and top masts. Near shore and to the right are additional vessels in the distance.  The water is beautifully painted with white highlights at the crest of the waves, and along the hulls of the various vessels.  One can feel that there is a rather stiff breeze and that the boats are moving at considerable speed. The sky is very dramatic and typical of Buttersworth's style. The contrast of light and dark with purple and pink highlights is very dramatic. (PA-783) 


Condition of painting:  The painting was recently cleaned and has scattered microdot in-paint. 
Condition of frame:  The painting has a fluted cove nineteenth century reproduction frame.  The frame has a 23 karat surface over a compo base. 
Reference I:  Schaefer, Richard J., 'J.E. Buttersworth, 19th Century Marine Painter', Mystic, Connecticut, 1975. Reference II - V:   N.Y.Y.C. Yearbook for the Year 1873N.Y.Y.C. Yearbook for the Year 1897The American Yacht List for the Year 1875The American Yacht List for the Year 1888The American Yacht List for the Year 1893 The yacht, 'Clio', was built in 1873 by Poillon Brothers, Brooklyn, New York.  She was 76 feet 4 inches in length, 18 feet 6 inches in breadth and 5 feet in draft.  She belong to T.C.P. Broadhurst and Thomas B. Astem both members of the New York Yacht Club.  At that time, her burgee had a dark ground and a white cross stripe.  Around 1886, she was purchased by Edward Winslow whose burgee was split red over white and looks almost identical to Buttersworth's rendering in the painting described above.  Clio remains in the register with Mr. Winslow's ownership until the year 1897. 
Dimensions of painting:  9 3/4 x 16. 
Dimensions of frame:  15 5/8 x 21 7/8.