Large Gray painted "Big Eye" Binoculars that are marked 25x150. The large 6" diameter lenses transmit so much light that the image is extremely bright even in low light. The binoculars have inter-pupillary adjustment so each person can adjust for a perfect single image. The binoculars have individual eye adjustments and can resolve a very sharp image. They were made by one of the top WWII Japanese makers circa 1940 and are amongst the most powerful we have examined. The binoculars have their original weather proof gray finish.  A plaque is mounter to the top of the binoculars which states:
                                             Custom Built for
                                        Mr. Mark A. Laracy
                                           Baker Marine Instr.
                                              San Diego CA
                                               25 x 150mm
A custom chrome height adjustable tripod was constructed and fitted to the period binoculars by the Baker Marine Inst. Co. in Sand Diego around 1995. The tripod has a yoke the allows the binoculars to be angled up or down as well as left to right. The is a height set knob that allows the binoculars to go up and down smoothly with a hydraulic assist. The legs are cut at 45 degrees so that they take less floor space and they are set on casters allowing them to be easily moved in any direction. The binoculars can be removed from the tripod be loosening the Allen head set screws on the yoke.
Condition: The binoculars are in excellent working order and have a mellow patina. The chrome tripod is in excellent working condition.
Dimensions of Binoculars: Length 29 ½, Width 14, Lens Diameter 6 inches
Height on tripod: Minimum 62, Maximum 70 ½, Inches