Engraved Baleen Box with applied whale Ivory Decorations. The box has an oval baleen top with an engraving of a whaling scene referred to as a “Flurry” with the whale on his side with a whale boat and a whale ship above the whale. The whaling scene is flanked on either side with engraved vines with leaves and at the ends a diamond pattern. Applied to the opposite sides of the top are red, white and blue leaf and saw tooth engravings on whale ivory strips applied to the baleen top. On one side of the box is a faint engraved image of a spread winged eagle with a banner in his mouth. There are 2 engraved bands of vines with leaves wrapping the circumference of the basket. The inside of the lid and bottom of the box are lines with silk. (SC1227)
Condition: There are a few baleen losses to the bottom of the lid. The base of the box where it is not covered by the lid is sun faded in color.
Dimensions: Length 6 inches, Width 4 inches, Height 2 ¾ Inches