Astronomical regulator clock, signed: "BLUNT & NICHOLS NEW YORK", circa 1868.  The clock has a 11 3/4 inch dial with a standard astronomical lay-out featuring subsidiary seconds and hours with a sweep minute hand.  The engraved seconds and minutes are Arabic numerals and the hours are Roman numerals.  The clock retains its original blue steel hands.  The movement is made to the highest standards, with full dust covers, five massive pillars, sapphire pallets, jeweled escape arbor, end shake adjustment, etc. There is a friction reducing roller on the crutch where it enters the pendulum rod.  All hubs are swagged on to their arbors and the wheels screw to the hubs. The minute hand is counter balanced.  There is an extra wheel on the escape arbor that indicates it served as a master clock.  There is a small box mounted to the top of the bonnet which contains additional elements for the master clock system. The clock retains its original pendulum with a contained steel cannister with mercury.  There is a sliding circular tray on the pendulum rod which holds lead shot for finite adjustments.  The clock also retains its original, beautifully machined, brass pulley and brass weight as well as the engraved and silvered beat scale.  The clock retains its original mahogany case.  The bonnet has a beautifully carved pediment and has a locking hinge door with silvered bezel.  The waist of the clock is glazed in the front and paneled on the sides.  The base of the case has front and side panels above a molded base.  The glaze door has a pair of original sliding brass mortise locks and has dust free fittings. (Cl-304) 
Condition:  The dial and case are in untouched original condition.  There is scattered oxidation on the dial and some minor wood loss around the base.  There are a few screw holes in the back of the case which were used to screw it to the wall. 
Note: The firm, Blunt & Nichols, began approximately 1867 following the famous firm, E.& G.W. Blunt.  Blunt & Nichols later became Blunt & Co. and sold out to John Bliss & Co. on August 4, 1871.

Provenance:  Mounted to the seat board is an original repair label and printed on the label is: "WILLIAM GIBBONS Clock Maker 5 SOUTH 40th STREET PHILADELPHIA".  Handwritten on the label: "Penn Railroad, 33rd & Market Repaired Jan. 1942 No.6920". 
Dimensions:  Height 78 inches; Width 18 inches; Depth 11 1/2 inches.