Brass Light House shaped Spherical Yacht Compass with Original Mahogany Base signed “Ritchie Boston U.S.A.” on the compass card circa 1900. The compass is approximately 8” in diameter and has a black and white compass card that is set into black metal gimballed base and is filled with oil. The compass is housed under a Brass “lighthouse style” six paned tapered housing that is screwed down to an attractive rounded and molded mahogany base. The molded base is screwed into a second a bottom mahogany base with a molded edge the protrudes at opposite ends with mounting screws. This is one of the most attractive larger examples of this style of compasses we have seen and most certainly was used on a yacht. (I-926)
Condtion: The lower base has a few miner age cracks. The Compass housing base and compass are in excellent condition with a warm mellow age patina.
Dimensions: Width at Base 18, Height 18m Inches