Bille, Carl Ludwig (Danish  1815-1898) 
Oil on canvas, depicting a variety of vessels in calm seas, signed and dated lower left: "Carl Bille 1869", Danish.  The painting has a luminous effect and is reminiscent of the American luminous masterpieces of Fitz Hugh Lane and Francis Silva. In the left foreground, there are three fishermen in a rowboat pulling in a net.  To the right of center is a hermaphrodite brig at anchor.  The vessel is painted with crisp detail.  There are several other vessels of various rigs including several full rigged ships.  Left of center along the horizon is a spit of land with sandy cliffs. The painting is very atmospheric and the reflections are very effective.  The lighting in the sky is remarkable.  Along the horizon, there are bands of pink and the gray blue sky intensifies with the elevation. (PA-536) Condition of painting:  Please refer to document folder for full condition report. Condition of frame:  The painting has a compo based 23 karat gold high quality nineteenth century style reproduction frame.  The frame has been recently regilded. Reference I:  Archibald, E.H.H., "Dictionary of Sea Painters", England: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd., 1980, p. 67.  "Carl Ludwig Bille was born in Copenhagen; he was a sailor turned artist...  He developed a style which must have influenced Vilhelm Melbye (q.v.), whose work is very close. This made him popular with Scandinavian and British collectors." Reference II:  Wilmerding, John, "American Light", New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1980, p. 109. A similar painting in subject matter with a clam sea is illustrated on this page.  Fitz Hugh Lane painted this painting in 1853 and the painting is owned by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Provenance:  Allison Gallery, New York    Ritz Carleton Hotel, Kauai, Hawaii                                                                                                                                                            Dimensions of painting:  36 3/8 x 53 5/8. Dimensions of frame:     45 1/2 x 62 3/4.