Half Hull model of a full keel sloop yacht titled  "Katonah" in shadowed painted letters on the bottom right corner, circa 1900. The bottom of the hull is painted green as is the applied rudder. Above the waterline the hull is painted black. There is a fancy gold painted cove stipe below the deck.There as an applied snub mast and bow sprit in natural wood. The model is mounted on its original natuaral wood varished mahogany backboard with molded edge.
Note: There was a yacht "Katonah" that was owned by a NY yachtsman that was launched on July 18, 1900 in City Island at the Jacob Yard according to the New York Times that day.
Condition: The model is in excellent untouched condition.
Dimensions: Height 10 1/2, Width 31 7/8, inches