Carved and painted spread winged painted eagle with banner below by John Haley Bellamy, Kittery Point, Maine, circa 1880 .  Bellamy carved plaque eagles in a few different patterns. This carving would fit the category of eagle with spread wings and banner draping from the beak.The head has a typical Bellamy raised brow over the articulated eye with the eagle’s beak open showing the curved red tongue. The eye and tongue are painted red. The top of the beak is defined by a curved line or groove in the head. The wings and raised shield are carved from a single piece of clear pine. Below the head and sweeping to the right is raised carved American shield which retains the original red, white and blue paint. The shield has three carved and white painted five-pointed stars in diminishing sizes carved along the top of the shield. The wings sweep to the right and left and have clearly articulated feathers. The banner below the neck is painted red white and blue and has three carved five-pointed stars. (FA1126)
Condition: The eagle is in original untouched condition. There has been no repairs or restoration to the surface. Along the top of the wings area few tiny loses that can only be seen in very close range inspection.
Reference: American Eagle: “The Bold Art & Brash Life of JOHN HALEY BELLAMY” by James A. Craig. Published by The Portsmouth Marine Society. Publication Number 34, 2014. This book illustrates many of Bellamy’s finest works including his plaque eagles which were his most popular form. Page 99 illustrates a similar eagle.
Note:Included with the eagle is a letter from James A. Craig indicating he examined the eagle and found it to be authentic.
Dimensions: Height 6 1/2 Inches, Width24 1/2  inches.