Carved figurehead of a woman, American or English, third quarter nineteenth century.  The figurehead was carved in two pieces and wrapped the port and starboard side of the vessel with trail board style endings.  The dimensions of each side are identical as is the major portion of the subject matter.  The carving is outstanding both in execution as well as design.  The facial features are both anatomically correct and at the same time being very delicate.  The eye, nose and mouth are carved with as much refinement as we have seen in a figurehead carving.  The subject's face is very beautiful and has a since of innocence.  The carved hair runs from the back of the head down to the small of the back.  The figurehead wears a short sleeve V-neck gown which has interesting details in the neck and folds along the side.  The arms  and hands are carved with the same crisp detail and excellent proportion as the face.  The right hand on the starboard section is held to her heart with a neckerchief running through her fingers.  The left arm and hand on the port section runs down the side of the body with the hand turned holding folds of the gown.  Even the fingernails are clearly deliniated.  Around the waist a carved foliate begins and runs along the bottom side of the carving and then swirls into a beautiful scroll and leaf pattern.  Just below the end of the hair is a large carved scroll which swings around and terminates at the bottom corner of the figurehead.  Coming off the large scroll and running down the back of the figure are beautifully articulated following vines. (FA1110)) 
Condition:  The figurehead has an untouched weathered surface similar to the text and color of driftwood.  The grain is raised from weather exposure and the entire surface has horizontal striations in the wood grain.  Some of the mounting holes are lacking buns and a few remain. Despite a few minor losses, the figure is complete and stable.
Dimensions:  Length 71 1/2 inches; Maximum width 15 inches.