Carved mahogany gangway board, English, mid-nineteenth century.  At the center of the gangway board carved in deep relief is the royal seal featuring the lion and the unicorn with front legs raised and outstretched to the crown.  There is a raised banner below the seal with the wording: "Dieu et Mon Droit" ("Gods and My {Birth} Right", initially adopted by Henry V).  Below the banner are crossed cannons, cannon balls and other military equipment.  The sides and base of the gangway board is rope carved and the arched top has a deeply carved wave pattern.  The base of the gangway board has a pair of legs that extend beyond the base and when in use were used to drop into slots aboard the ship. There is a brass plate which wraps around the gangway board with two threaded brass eyelets mounted to the top corners. (FA-575) 


Condition:  The gangway board is in excellent condition.  The brass has been recently polished and the gangway board is mounted on a contemporary base. 
Dimensions:  Height 27 3/4 inches; Width 16 3/8 inches; Depth 2 1/2 inches.