Carved and inlaid Wall pocket in the shape of a sailing vessel, American 3rd Quarter 19th Century. The wall pocket is constructed with a three-piece pine backboard. Applied to the bottom of the backboard is a nicely shaped hull in the form of a small yacht with a pair of scribe lines near the top of the hull. The hull is dog out as provides the storage area for the “pocket”. The boards making the backboard have angle cuts making a nice geometric shape. Am inlaid vine of light-colored wood fallows the boarder of the hull from left to right backboard. There are many branches inlaid of the main vine. Each branch terminates with a light wood inlaid three petal flowers with an ebony-colored center. The style of the inlay is of a similar period as the inlay found in sailor made inlaid boxes. (FA1124)
Condition: The wall pocket is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina.
Dimensions: Lengtth18Inches, Height 10 ¾ Inches