Carved marble table with glass top with a pair of heavy marble bases, probably American, circa 1880.  The marble bases are fashioned from three joined pieces of marble with an applied single piece molded top.  The bottom of each base has a two-tiered molding below a pair of "S" shaped opposing dolphins.  The beautifully articulated heads sit on the base and the stylized tails which are carved rounded forms which support the marble top.  Between the dolphin heads is a finely incised decoration and there are additional decorative carvings on each side of each dolphin.  The two marble bases are very heavy and the carving is bold and powerful.   (F-535)


Condition:  There is a small loss to the bottom edge of each base.  The marble has a warm age patina and a beautiful polish surface.  The glass is a recent addition.
Dimensions of each dolphin base:  Height 30 inches; Width 30 inches; Depth 8 inches.
Dimensions of glass: Length 70 inches; Width 50 inches; Depth 1/2 inch.