Chelsea 3 inch desk set (Columbus Model), Boston, circa 1924.  The clock has an engraved silver dial and is signed: "GROGAN COMPANY PITTSBURGH": below the numeral "12" and "CHELSEA" in the second's dial. The matching barometer has the engraved barometer settings above and a thermometer below. The clock and barometer are each mounted on a red brass base and both of these bases are mounted on a long narrow base with ball feet.  Both the clock and barometer retain the original bevel glass. The clock retains its original eight day movement with the number: "159499".  The rear cover on the clock unthreads to gain access to the winding knob, setting knob and slow/fast adjustment.  The back of the stand is professionally engraved with the name "PAUL MELLON". (CL-445) 
Condition:  The red brass cases and base have been recently polished and lacquered.  The movement has been overhauled. 
Dimensions:  Height 5 inches; Width 7 inches; Depth 2 1/4 inches.