Chelsea 6 inch Mariner, Boston, Circa 1970.  The clock has an engraved silver dial with Arabic numerals. The dial is engraved: "CHELSEA CLOCK "SHIP'S BELL" and by the retailers name "N.Y. NAUTICAL INSTUMENT & SERVICE CORP.".  The clock has a red brass case with a ten spoked ship wheel around it. The clock sits on a red brass base.  The back and bottom of the base are mahogany.  The clock retains the original Chelsea eight day movement which is numbered: "771951", the same number is stamped on the bottom of the wood base. (CL-415) 
Condition:  The clock is in excellent condition. The clock and dial has original finish.  
Dimensions:  Height 17 1/2 inches; Width 14 inches; Depth 5 1/2 inches, Dial Diameter 6 inches