Extremely rare retracting American boarding pike, circa 1860. The boarding pike is made with two long pieces of stained oak which are bound together by a bronze fitting at either end. The top bronze fitting has a center slot which allows the 15 3/4" steel blade to pass through. The blade has a sharp point and sharped edges on both sides running the full length of the blade. There is a 15 1/2" slot on one side of the oak shaft which allows the trigger shaped iron handle to pass through when blade is being pushed into position. Below and above the slot are two additional bronze bands that help hold the oak shaft together and inside of these fittings are iron or steel spring like locking arms which "lock" the blade in a closed or open position. (I - 925)
Condition: The boarding pike is in excellent untouched condition and has a warm deep patina.
Dimensions: Length closed 72, Length with blade extended 86 ¾, Blade length 14 ¾ inches