Great Ocean Race of 1866 "Between the Henrietta, Fleetwing & Vesta –The 'Good Bye' to the Yacht Club Steamer 'River Queen,' 4 miles East of Sandy Hook Light Ship, Dec. 11th, 1866". After Charles Parsons. Conningham No. 2634.
Note: A detailed account of the Great Ocean Race is discussed in:     Raynor, D.A. and Alan Wykes, "The Great Yacht Race",  London:     Peter Davies, 1966. Note:  There is a model in the lobby of the New York Yacht Club of the yacht Fleetwing.  It features a carved eagle figurehead. The Fleetwing was owned by George A. Osgood and was designed and built by Joseph Vanduser.  She competed in the $ 30,000 wager which became known as the Great Ocean Race of 1866.  The yachts Henrietta, Fleetwing and Vesta left New York December 11 for the Needles, Isle of Wright.  The Henrietta finished first having traveled 3,105 nautical miles which took thirteen (13) days, 21 hours and 55 minutes.  The Fleetwing came in second arriving on Christmas day finishing only hours later.  Had it not been for a terrible storm which caused six deaths and three near losses, the Fleetwing may well have taken first place. (PR1220)
Dimensions: 17.5" x 27.75". Framed 29.5" x 37.5".