Howard No. 17 Marble Dial Clock with the original 8 day movement which is signed E. Howard Boston 24 3/4.  The clock front is made from carrara marble and the large face is incorporated into the barble front with inssised Roman Numerals and minute markings.  The marbe front has an attractice drop in the bottom with a glazed aptiture with a gilt eglomese gold leaf decoration. The pedulum has a round brass bottom which can be viewed through the apiture. The clock retains its original 3 leaf clover hands weight and pedulum.
Condition: The clock is in excellent condition and is in running order. (CL-542)
Dimensions Height 43 1/2 inches, Width 24 3/8 inches
Note This clock is illutrated and listed in the Howard Catalogue for the year 1874 and is one of many marble front clocks in their line. This clock is described as being made for use in "Public Buildings".