Plank-on-frame model of a 50 gun English frigate, circa 1750.  The hull is planked with boxwood. The hundreds of small planks are fastened with tiny pins.  The size and shape of the planks are to scale.  The joining of the planks at the stern is remarkable in the manner in which the left and right sides match.  The beakhead is beautifully carved and at the top of the prow is a carved figurehead in the form of a crowned full figured female holding a torch in her right hand.  There are thirteen large cannon ports on each side of the hull with beautiful strap hinges which allow them to operate.  With the exception of the most forward and the most rear cannon port, there is a tiny door which hinges to the left providing an opening for an oar which could be used in the event the vessel became becalmed.  There are two small cannon port doors on the upper gun deck near the stern. The carving on the quarter galleries is outstanding.  There are carved windows with sashes which are divided between fluted columns.  The outer edge between the quarter gallery and stern gallery has a full body figural pillar.  The stern galleries have two sets of six glazed windows with sashes.  To the left and right are carved windows matching the ones on the quarter galleries.  The hull has a raised bulwark which is planked and has applied moldings.  The deck is also planked with boxwood.  Mounted to the top of the deck are three nested longboats.  Each of the longboats are highly crafted models unto themselves.  There is a beautifully constructed windlass forward of the raised poop deck which is in front of a well detailed double wheel.  The model has extremely well detailed spars.  The yardarms and lateen spanker are ebonized and the other spars have more of a golden natural wood color.  The model is meticulously rigged.  The deadeyes are properly shaped and strung.  The blocks are carved in the proper designs and are in proper scale.  The anchors are also very accurately constructed and have metal banding around the wood cross section. The model has 50 hand cast brass cannons.  The model sits in a modern base which is beautifully inlaid with contrasting woods. (SM-492) 


Condition:  There is some minor worm damage to the main deck and bulwark as well as to a few areas of planking. The model has been restored.  There has been repairs to the rigging and spars.  The rail around the poop deck has been replaced as have the anchors. Dimensions:  Length 43 1/4 inches; Width 18 1/4 inches; Height 37 1/2 inches.