Large and Exceptional Carved and Painted Half Hull Model of Schooner Harp, American Circa 1843. The Hull is constructed with multiple laminated lifts. The name "HARP" is painted in gold letters near the bow. The top or the side of the hull has 3 thin gold, burgundy and gold Narrow strips above a band of painted black and white false gun ports. Below is a wide band of black and the hill is painted gold below the waterline. An applied gold painted keel runs down the bow and along the bottom of the hull and then up the stern. The bow has a beautifully carved and gold painted billet head fallowed by the tailboards that are delicately carved and articulated in the form of vines. The billet and trail boards run from below the applied black snub mast and curve down the head and ending at the front of the bow of the hull. Above the bow sprit are applied “beak head” supports with a gold border and carved vertical stripes across the entire surface. The transom has thin moldings that wrap around the top of the transom continuing around to the front of the hull. Below is a fancy carved and painted gold stern board with excellent detail similar in carving style to tailboards at the bow. The model has its original light blue painted Back board with a molded applied border going around the full perimeter.
Condition: The hull has some old mounting holes along the top and bottom of the back board and some scuffing the blue painted surface. This is one of the most beautiful original painted half hulls we have examined and is quite heavy to lift. (SM0697)
Dimensions of Model: Length 83, Height 17 ½, Depth 9, Inches

Reference: 1879 Record of American Shipping p. 472


Length: 81’

Breadth: 24’6”

Depth: 9’5”

Homeport: Bucksport ME

Built 1843  Great Egg Harbor, N.J.

Owner: F. J. Foster