Exceptional ship wheel with decorative brass inlay, American, circa 1860.  The wheel is made of mahogany and has eight turned spokes.  The wheel has a solid brass hub with a 7 1/4 inch diameter.  The wheel retains its original brass shaft which projects 4 1/4 inches from the rear center of the hub.  There is a ropework Turk's-head signifying the 'king pin.'  On the face of the wheel between each grip and shaft is an inlaid six pointed star.  Halfway between each spoke is a double diamond like decorative inlay.  Between all sixteen inlays is a pair of brass screws.  There are a total of sixteen inlays and thirty-two brass screws.  The brass inlays have a thickness of approximately 1/8 of an inch.   (FA-1001)
Condition:  There are a few wear marks to the top face of the hub.  The brass inlay and screw heads have been recently polished and the wood has a mellow age patina with a few typical age cracks.
Provenance:  For many years the wheel was in the collection of the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Given the fancy decorative elements of the wheel it is likely that it was used on a rather large yacht.  Hyland Granby Antiques purchased the wheel from the Herreshoff Museum in 2014.
Diameter of wheel:  41 1/2 inches.