Fine Aluminum half inch scale model of a Union Pacific M10000 Streamliner train model referred to in the press as the "Wheeled Bullet". This train model is described in some detail in an article in the periodical "Classic Toy Trains" dated March/April 1990. The article was titled the "GENERAL TRAINS' Union Pacific M-10000 streamliners by Bob Thon. On February 14, 1934 the Union Pacific railroad announced the introduction of their articulated streamlined passenger train the M-10000 to counter the loss of passengers resulting from the depression and increased use of cars. Early 1n 1933 Harry Carpenter Stearns a Chicago-area consulting engineer decided to mass produce a replica M-10000 based on early drawings leaked out by the railroad.  He prepared wood molds patterns to sand-cast the body and motor components with the idea of building 500 sets. It was Stearns intent to beat out his completion and offered for sale his large-scale train model in the January issue of "The Model Craftsman" magazine in 1934. The train could be purchased in built or kit form. Stearns applied for a patent on July 28,1932 and was awarded a patent on October 27,1936.  The trains models were offered in 1 passenger and 2 passenger car models and there was both straight and curved track that could be purchased. The train was powered by an AC induction-type electric motor and an accompanied transformer. The trains could be ordered in a variety of paint colors or in a natural aluminum finish. It was estimated that fewer than 500 trains were ever built given the times of the depression. The trains were to expensive to be successfully marketable given the economics of the 1930s. (FA1094)
These trains models are very rare and even the "Toy Train Library and Museum" does not have an example of this train in their collection.
On the front page of his article, the Autor Bob Thorne is shown in a photo holding a M-10000 train model that has a red and silver color combination.
Condition: All four cars are in fine condition and there are no visable dents or scratches. Some of the sections of trac that are with the model are in need of repair. The train has an ingenious wall hanging system that is easy to install and sits on a glass shelf.
Dimensions: Length 85 , Width 4 1/2, Height 7 1/2, Inches