Fine and historically significant hawk’s nest model of the Yacht “WATERWITCH” dated 1832. The model has its original dark stained back board with a paper label at the left with the name “WATERWITCH”. To the right is a larger paper label which states:
              H.M. BRIG “WATRERWITCH” 330 TONS
                    Length WL 91’6”, Breath 28”6”
                Built by Joseph White, Cowes 1832
                     Lord Belfast Winner of the 
              L1,000. Race Around the Eddystone
                         Afterwards Sold to The
The model has 15 wood stations of different heights and sizes mounted to the backboard creating the form for the hull shape. There is a one-inch wide mahogany band attached to the stations at the top of the hull and two additional narrower ones that are attached at different heights to the stations visually defining the hull shape. There is an applied Keel and bow sprit knee and snub bow sprit attached to the front and bottom of the hull. There is and attached rudder and transom attached to the back of the hull. The Waterwhich was rigged as a Brig. The model was professionally constructed and ishas a refined in its quality of construction. There is a paper label attached to the back of the backboard titled “MEMORANDUM’ It states “T.H. Clark, Yacht And House Fitter, Yacht Models prepared from Gentlemen’s Own Lines, Oars and Spars, “ROKEBY,” Granville Road Cowes L.W” It is probably that T.H. Clark built this model. (SM0711)
Condition: The model is in excellent condition and has a warm mellow patina. There is a small wood loss at the lower right corner of the backboard.
Dimensions of Backboard: Length 34 ¾ Inches, Height 9 Inches
Reffrence: The Royal Yacht Squadron By Montague Guest, London John Murray, Albemarle Street W. 1902.Page 509.
The Water Witch is listed as built in 1833 in Cowes as a brig for Earl of Belfast.