Gracefully carved spread winged eagle with his head up and turned to the right. The head is finely detailed and is carved from a separate piece of wood than the body and wings. The eye, nostrils and beak, are very well articulated with the mouth open showing the original red painted tongue. The wings are outstretched facing right and left and the body is rounded. The feathers on the body and wings are highly detailed. The feathers around the legs are beautifully shaped and the talons are extremely life like and are clutching a rolled gold leafed scroll. The eagle is very gracefully presented and the carver must have had a lot of experience in carving eagles because the form and detail is outstanding.
Reference: “The American Eagle” by Phipip M. Isaacson, Published by the New York Graphic Society Boston MA, 1975, Page 99. This page illustrates a similar eagle clutching a pole. This eagle hangs over a door in the Old Senate Chamber at the United States Capitol. Photo Curtesy of the Library of Congress.
Condition: The eagle has almost all of its original gold leaf surface except for some loss to the top of the head and beak. There is a small section of the lower part of the left wing lacking. The back of the eagle was painted black along time ago and there ate two long and to short metal braces applied to the back strengthening the carving. The eagle has a wonderful aged patina.
Dimensions: Height 14, Length 60, Inches