Silver gilt yachting trophie, signed: 'Howard & Co. New York & William B. Durgin Co. Concord New Hampshire'.  The trophie is in the form of large two handle cup with an inverted bell form.  The lower bodie and foot are chased with gadroons and leaf sprays.  The handles are scrolled and cast with flowers.  Much of the top section of the cup and lower base is gilded.  The upper gilt section is beautifully engraved:    NEWPORT YACHT RACING ASSOCIATION  August 1st 1901   --- Won By ---COLUMBIA.
Note:  Columbia was one of the only yachts to successfully defend the America's Cup twice first in 1899 and again in September of 1901, the month following the date of thise trophy.  Columbia was built by Herreshoff in Bristom Rhode island.  Columbia was 131 feet overall.  JP Morgan was Comodore of the New York Yacht Club between 1897 and 1899. In 1899 he won the America's cup with the yacht  Colombia for the first time. JP Morgn gave the land for the new New York Yacht Club which was built between 1899 and 1900 at 37 West 44th street.   (MI-506) 
Provenance:  John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1915) - the financier, to his son    John Pierpont Morgan Jr. (1867-1943) - 'Jack', to his son    Junius Spencer Morgan (1892-1960) - to his son    John P. Morgan II (1918-2006) 
Weight:  58 ounces of sterling. 
Dimensions:  Height 10 1/2 inches; Width 11 3/4; Diameter of top 6 1/4 inches.