Pansing, Fred 
                                                                                      (American  1854-1912) 
Oil on canvas, bearing a period plaque with the painted description: "Lake George  French Point, Black Mountain, FRED PANSING", American, signed and dated lower left: "Fred Pansing 1892".  This rare landscape presents a panoramic view of the narrows of Lake George, looking towards French Point Mountain on the left and Black Mountain on the right.  On an island in the foreground, two hunters with their dog look across the water at a steamboat approaching from the north.  One of the hunters is seated in a rowboat that has a similar appearance to an Adirondeck guide boat.  The extreme horizontal format of the painting emphasizes the vastness of the lake and the dramatic sweep of the clouds overhead, while Pansing's sensitive paint handling conveys both the texture of the foliage in the foreground and the atmospheric perspective of the hazy mountains in the distance. (PA-566) 


Note:  Fred Pansing was born in Germany and emigrated to New York in 1865 and soon became a sailor.  Settling in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1872, Pansing drew on his maritime experience as a marine painter.  He is extremely well known for his steamboat paintings.  Many of his steamboat works were commissioned by lithographers such as Knapp & Company and the American Lithographic Company. He also provided many illustrations for Harper's Weekly.  His works can be found at the New York Historical Society, Mariners' Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, and Mystic Seaport. 
Condition of painting:  Please see document folder for full condition report. 
Condition of frame:  The painting retains a magnificent original gold leaf frame.  The top edge of the frame has a deeply carved pattern with wonderful extended carvings in each of the corners.  The frame has a wide bevel liner and a narrower flat liner with a beaded edge.  Where the liners meet, there is a beaded edge.  The outside edge of the frame has a lamb's tongue raised pattern.  The frame has its original gold surface with a mellow patina.  There are a few minor touch ups to the liner and the frame. 
Dimensions of painting:  20 x 48. 
Dimensions of frame:  33 x 61.