Carved and painted pine possibly unique double eagle carving, signed "Peter Q. Libbey" on the reverse. circa 1975.  This bold carving is quite complex and dramatic. The eagle is remarkably well carved and highly defined feathers unique to the style of the master carver, Peter Libbey. The eagle on the left has his neck raised and his head is facing left. The eagle on the right has his head down and is facing right. Both eagles have their wings up and pressed together. Their tail feathers are angled out in opposite directions. Like most Libby eagle carvings, the heads are extremely well detailed and are very dramatic. The beaks are open showing the red painted curved tongues. The eye and brow are very pronounced and there is a raised lip around the beak. The bottom edge of the beaks are painted black. The eagle on the left has both of his talon’s holding the shield while the one on the right has one talon grasping the shield and the other the banner. The blue painted banner has a gold painted border on the left stating in carved letters “E PLURIBUS” and on the right side “UNUM” (many uniting into one) with a carved star on the right side. The red, white and blue painted shield has raised white painted stars with a green painted olive branch below with red painted berries. The reverse of the carving shows the stained natural wood which has a hand worked grooved surface.   (FA-1077)
Condition: The eagle has an untouched original surface with some minor scattered paint loss. 
 Note:  Peter Libbey is a master carver who lived in the woods of Maine.  All of his eagles are carved by hand in the traditional style.  He has been considered for years to be the finest carver of twentieth century American eagles.  His production has been extremely limited due to the time and intensity to create each carving.  He provided his services to the top boat builders restoring and building classic yachts. Examples of his work rarely appear in the market place. 
Dimensions: Length 60, Height 20, Depth 3 inches.