Large scrimshaw panbone with active whaling scene, American, circa 1840.  To the left is a depiction of a three masted ship hove-to with false gunports.  The view of the transom is well detailed as is the mast, sails and rigging. Standing aloft just below the top yardarm is a lookout and standing on the foremast below the house flag is a second lookout.  To the right in the distance is an image of a similar vessel with two lookouts standing in the yardarms.  To the left of the small ship are imsages of a few whales, one of which is breeching.  To the right of the small ship are four breeching whales and two diving.  Below the small ship are two whaleboats harpooning two separate breeching whales.  Below the two whaleboats is a third whaleboat having harpooned a third breeching whale with an additional whale diving behind the whaleboat.  The sky is very active and helps intensify the overall image adding to the drama of the activity below.  There are three diving birds to the left side and three other birds gliding to the right.  The reverse of the panbone has a large engraving of an angel on the right with a shadowed image of an angel to her left.  The engraving on the panbone is very bold and this is one of the more active and detailed whaling scene panbones, we have examined.   (SC-1039)


Condition:  The panbone has a warm deep patina on both sides.  It has a gentle curve, but is not warpped as many panbone have become possibility because of the thickness of the panel.  There is an original mounting hole at the center near the top and another near the center along the bottom border.  There is very little checking or age cracking.  
Dimensions:  Height 7 1/2 inches; Width 12 3/8 inches; Thickness 3/16 of an inch.