Leica M4P Black body Camera #1650062. The back of the camera on the upper left is signed "Made by Leitz Canada",the side if the bottom plate is signed "Leica Schule  '85". The camera comes with a with a 50mm Leits F2 50MM Lens #3358579 which is is black and has its "cut away" reversable hood lens shade. The camera also has a power winder which is signed "Leica Winder M".
The camera body is good running order but has not been film tested. The paint is in excellent condition but there is a bit of loss along the top edge of the film door. The lens is in excellent condition and the winder is in good condition as well. (I-949)
Note: The Leica M4-P was developed as a camera for professional photographers–hence the “p” designation.