Bone and silver folding knife with “American Patriotic” themes, American or English from the Civil War period.  The knife has a brass frame with silver fitting at the front and rear. The front has a hilt like silver-shaped form resembling a banner with the expression on both sides: “LIBERTY AND UNION." The back of the knife has a bulbous-shaped silver section with raised decorations depicting a Liberty Cap, above a spread winged eagle, above an American shield. Between the silver sections is a bone section with 3 mahogany disks inlaid on one side of the knife. The grips are held on with 5 brass pins. The knife has a 5 5/8 inch steel blade with an opening grove on one side. The top of the knife has a lock release button. (I - 917)
Condition: The knife is in good condition and has a mellow patina. The silver sections show some wear and the bone grips have a warm rich color. The blade is in very good condition and has normal age oxidation.
Dimensions: Knife closed 6 inches, Knife open 10 inches.