Mahogany and silver folding knife with American patriotic decorations, American or English from the Civil War period.  At he hilt there is a silver section with a raised leaf pattern. At the butt end there is a silver bulbous-shaped plate with raised patriotic images of a Liberty Cap, above an eagle, above an American shield on both sides of the knife. The center of the knife has rectangular silver section with a raised spread winged eagle decoration with 13 stars above and a striped shield below with olive branches. This center section is flanked left and right with dark mahogany sections with only one side with inlaid mother of pearl disks. The knife has a 4 ½ inch steel blade with a finger grove on one side. The top of the knife has a lock release button. (I-916)
Condition: The knife is in very good condition. The silver decorations are crisp, and the wood pieces have a mellow patina. The blade is in good shape with a sharp edge and normal oxidation.
Dimensios: Closed 5 5/8, Open 10 1/16, Inches.