Log of Resolute  The Log of the Resolute from May 9, 1920 to July 29, 1920.  During the 1920 Cup campaign, Resolute's afterguard, led by Robert W. Emmons, kept a detailed log that included insightful commentary. After successfully defending the Cup, Emmons authored an analysis of what went right and what went wrong during the campaign:  for example, he explained why sails built by Ratsey & Lapthorn were superior to those made by Herreshoff.  Emmons's analysis and the log were combined into this privately published book for Resolute's syndicate and for select members of the New York Yacht Club. This book is an excellent example of the New York Yacht Club's institutional memory which gave them an advantage over the challengers.  There was probably no more than 30 copies produced which were distributed to the syndicate mambers like JP Morgan and two members of the Vanderbuilt family and P. Whitney along with members of the afterguard like her captian Charles francis Adams. This copy belonged to Richard T. Crane was member of the Resolute syndicate. who served on the 1920 America's Cup Committee.  (BK0771)
H 8, W 5 3/4 inches