A English mahogany and steel crossbow circa 1750. The top of the crossbow has a pointed fancy steel encased section where the curved steel bow passes through. The bottom of the crossbow shaft has a molded round section with a half dome steel butt. Just foward of the steel end is a sliding metal retaining ring which slides back to allow the long steel cocking bar to be pivoted forward to engage the bow string and draw it back to a firing position. All of the four sides of the cross bow's wood shaft have fancy engraved steel plates set into the shaft probably as reinforcing supports. Mounted to the top of the bow just forward of the cocking lever is a metal mount with a flip up rounded steel sighting vane and trigger release. Mounted at the front top of the bow is a 'U' shaped flip up front sight with serrated edges. Spaning the two arms of the front sight is a strung white bead. The bow retains it original woven two stranded bow strung. The two sections of bow string retain the original round bone spacers.


This  elegant bullet shooting crossbow which was used for hunting small game such as hares and rooks, (crows), with a clay bullet.
Note: Often referred to as a stone bow the bullet shooting crossbow was developed in the 16th century and perfected in England in the late 18th century. The clay ball or bullet was held in the pouch in the center of the cocked bowstring and when released it passed between the sighting posts and under the sighting bead suspended between them. The stock contains a powerful cocking lever which folds into the rear of the stock after use. The bowstring release mechanism and the aperture sight are on the forward end of the cocking lever. The cross bow has a custom mahogany wall hanging as well as table staning base. (I-899)
Condition: The cross bow is in very good condition. The bow retains the original bow sting that is to old to attempt using. Their are are a few tiny losses to the stock and the wood and metal pieces have a old warm age patina.
Dimensions: Length 31 1/2 inches, Width 27 1/2 inches