Miniature carved and painted miniature figurehead of the “Twin Sisters” by Lloyd McCaffrey made in the early 1890’s. The figurehead is carved in amazing detail and appears just like the original it represents. It shows twin sisters with the arms outstretched holding hands and the figure on the left has her hand and arm around the back of the others back. The faces are highly realistic, and they each have a red rose crown around their heads. They are dressed identically with white ruffled colors and fancy borders around the bottom of their long dresses with articulated folds. They both are wearing white stockings with simple black shoes. The pair of girls are standing on a front sloping base. The figurehead and base was mounted by McCaffrey on a two-tiered block base and then on a turned molded exotic wood circular base with a glass dome on top. On top of the wood base is a gold plaque that states “ “Twins”
Provenance: Purchased at the Mystic Seaport store by Famed antiques dealer Marguerite Riordan in the early 1980's for her personal collection and she died in 2019. The miniature figurehead was inherited by her daughter Vicki who then passed it on.
Publication: "Figureheads & Ship Carvings at Mystic Seaport by Edward A. Stackpole, Published by The Marine Historical Association, Inc., Mystic CT 1964. The "Twins Figurehead is illustrated on page 10 and described on page 11. The figurehead was believed to come from Salem - Newburyport from a ship owner who has twin daughters. From the design it is believed that it was carved in the 1840s. The two girls are shown in a pose as if dancing. Each girl has a circlet of roses on very blond shoulder-length carved hair.
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions of Figurehead: Height with base 2 ½ Inches
Dimensions with block Plinth: Height 4 1/8 Inches
Dimensions with Round Base: Height 6 ¼ Inches
Dimensions with Glass Dome 8 ½ Inches, Diameter of wood Base 5 14 Inches