Extremely rare and important model of the yacht, "Arrow" by H E Boucher, New York, circa 1900.  The model was probably built for the original owner of the yacht, "Arrow", C.R. Flint.  The model has a paneled deckhouse, stack with steam whistle in front of fire buckets, skylights and two (2) additional deckhouses.  The model has a simulated planked deck done in the typical Boucher style. The model has beautifully detailed lifeboats with metal davits.  The perimeter of the model has metal stanchions with wire handrails.  The sides of the hull retain the original white paint above the waterline and original green paint below the waterline.  Just below the deck at the bow section, both port and starboard, is a painted gold arrow which is followed by a line that continues along the hull and wraps partially around the transom. The model retains its original propeller shafts, propellers and rudder.  The model is mounted on its original metal pillars which are attached to the original glazed mahogany case (not displayed). The blue velvet at the base of the case has been recently replaced. (SM-449) 


Condition:  The model retains its original painted surface which is evenly crackled.  There is a replaced lifeboat, rear port cleat and flag.  The model has been cleaned.  The case is in original condition but is not being exhibited, but photos of the case are available. Dimensions of model:  Length 49 inches; Height 8 inches; Width 6 inches. 
Dimensions of case:  Length 58 inches; Height 16 inches; Width 14 inches. 
Note:  The yacht, "Arrow" was built at Samuel Ayers Yard in Nyack, New York and was launched in 1900.  She was 132 feet long, 12 feet six inches wide, and she drew 3 feet 6 inches.  Her steam engines produced as much as 10,000 horsepower.  In 1902, there was a public speed trial where she was clocked at 45 miles per hour.  Until 1911, "Arrow" held a world record speed.  The yacht, "Arrow" had five owners up through the year 1920. 
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