Andrew Jackson Sandsbury (1830 - 1902)  
Nantucket double handle bushel basket, attributed to Andrew J. Sandsbury, circa 1870.  The basket has a pair of carved oak handles with heart shape finger grips.  The handles go through the oak rim and are woven into the basket below.  The oak rim has a crisscross weave.  The basket has oak ribs and a beautifully turned wood base.  The base has three concentric circular grooves and seven scribe concentric rings at the center and between the grooves.  Bushel baskets of this size are very rare and are usually damaged or worn from use. Reference:  Wood, David H.,"The Lightship Baskets of Nantucket," Nantucket Historical Association, 1994, p. 52.  An almost identical basket of about the same size is illustrated on this page. (FA-929)  


Note :  Andrew Jackson Sandsbury was considered one of the best of the Nantucket basket makers. Sandsbury sailed around the Horn twice and enjoyed a career on the sea, first as a helmsman on the "Sea Queen" out of Westport and then as second mate on board the ship "Nautilas" of New Bedford. Sandsbury became mate of the Nantucket South Shoal lightship and sailed on the bark "Spartan" of New Bedford.  After his time on the "Spartan" he rejoined the crew of the lightship from 1872 to 1892.  During down time aboard the lightship, he wove Nantucket lightship baskets along side Davis Hall. 
Condition:  The basket is in excellent condition and has a deep age patina.  There appears to be only one separation in the weave around the top rim. Dimensions:  Height to top of the rim 12 1/2 inches; 
Height to top of handle 14 inches; Diameter 21 1/4 inches.