Andrew Jackson Sandsbury (1830 - 1902) Nest of eight Nantucket round baskets with swing handles attributed to Andrew Jackson Sandsbury. The diameter of the baskets from smallest to largest:  4 7/8; 5 3/4; 6 5/8; 7 3/4; 9; 10 1/8; 11 5/8; 13 1/2 inches.  All the baskets have matching turned wood bottoms with grooves and scribed concentric circles.  The baskets have oak ribs and oak rim.  The oak handles are beautifully shaped and pivot on brass ears.  The baskets are original to each other and nest together beautifully and the handles match up nicely when in the up position. (FA-928) 


Note 1:  Andrew Jackson Sandsbury was considered one of the best of the Nantucket basket makers. Sandsbury sailed around the Horn twice and enjoyed a career on the sea, first as a helmsman on the "Sea Queen" out of Westport and then as second mate on board the ship "Nautilas" of New Bedford. Sandsbury became mate of the Nantucket South Shoal lightship and sailed on the bark "Spartan" of New Bedford.  After his time on the "Spartan" he rejoined the crew of the light ship from 1872 to 1892.  During down time aboard the lightship, he wove Nantucket lightship baskets alongside Davis Hall. 
Note 2: Nest of Nantucket baskets come in various sizes and numbers of baskets as well as shape. Some nests are 4 baskets, some are 6 or 7.  A nest of 8 is the largest, rarest and most desirable. 
Condition:  All the baskets are in excellent condition and have a warm, rich patina.