Nikon S Silver Camera Serial Number #6110074 with Nikkor F2 Lens #634052. The Serial number also appears in the upper left corner of the inside of the camera back. The camera has is in working order but has not been film tested. The camera comes with original box , leather case and booklet all of which are in good condition. 
Condition. The of the camera is clean and is without dents or abrasions. The front leather is in excellent condition but there is some bubbling on the back leather. The lens in is good condition and is clear of imperfections. The focusing is in good working order both from the dial as well as by turning the lens. The lens can be easily removed by depressing the lens spring and then turning clockwise.  
Note: The S2 was introduced by Nikon in late 1954 and was very popular with professional photographers of the day. (I 0948)