Silver trophy made by the London silversmith "Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd." in 1902.  The hallmarks appear on the outside rim of the lid and to the right of the top of one of the handles. The trophy has the engraved inscription: 85th ANNUAL CRUISE   NEW LONDON TO NEWPORT  JULY 20, 1903All Schooners, sailing as one class  PRESENTED BYRear Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt   NEW YORK Won by YACHT CLUB  VALMORE The trophy is in the George II style and has a dome lid with pear-shaped finial.  The rounded body has a pair of leaf top serpentine handles and applied waist band.  The vase is round and is multi-tiered.  The numeral 446 is stamped at the center of the bottom. (MI-669) 


Note 1:  In 1903 John M. Richmond owned VALMORE which was a schooner that was 81 feet long, 16 feet in breadth anbd drew 10 feet.  J. M. Richmond joined the New York Yacht Club February 10, 1898 and he lived in Providence, Rhode Island.  Between 1903 and 1910 the VALMORE was sold to William Hale Thompson (1869-1944) the man who served four terms as mayor of Chicago.  On July 18, 1910 the Milwaukee Sentinal wrote that under the ownership of Thompson the yacht VALMORE won the Lipton Cup at the Chicago Yacht Club for a fifteen mile race. 
Note 2:  Cornelius Vanderbilt IV was born April 30, 1898 and died July 7, 1974.  He was born in Staten Island to Cornelius Vanderbilt III.  He had seven wives and his son was Cornelius Vanderbilt V.  He became a member of the New York Yacht Club March 26, 1891 when became Rear-Commodore as well as serving on the Club's Admission Committee. Note 3:  The firm Edward Barnard & Sons LTD. was active between 1829 and 1910. 
Condition:  There is a tiny ding on the top and a second on the base well below the inscription. 
Dimensions:  Height with top 14 inches;  Height without top 8 1/2 inches; Width including handles 12 1/4 inches;  Diameter of body 7 inches; Weight 68 ounces