RarenThomas Willis silkwork picture depicting a large sloop yacht with an oil on canvas background painted in callaboration with the artist Antonio Jacobsen, circa 1885. The schooner has a black velvet hull with embroidered gold trailboards and cove stripe. The deck and deck houses are embroidered as are the seven sailors in light blue uniforms. Flying from the top of the mast is the New York Yacht Club burgee and flying from the top of the gaff is the American yachting ensign, both flags are embroidered. The sails are covered with silk and have pencil drawn sail seams and reef points that are typical of Willis sail treatments. At the bow and along the hull are three dimensional waves made of thread. The sky and water technique is typical of Antonio Jacobsen's painting of the mid to late 1880's which features a dark squal like area on the right of the canvas with a red highlight that rounds through the dark left and continues across the horizon of the canvas. (PA-871)
Condition of painting: The painting is in untouched condition and has a small loss to the surface of the silk main sail.
Condition of frame: The painting retains its original red velvet liner and gold leaf wood liner.
Dimensions of painting: Sight Height 19 inches, Width 25 inches.
Dimensions of outer liner: Height 22 3/4 inches, Width 28 3/4 inches