Rare early oil and gouache Signed and dated 'Antonio Jacobsen 1875' bottom left with retailer's blind stamp verso on photographic cardboard. The painting depicts a race between three American schooner Yachts of New York Harbor. The Yachts are facing different directions and has a attractive composition.
It is amongst a very few numbers of scarce Jacobsen paintings with a date as early as 1875. This painting 
Is not only rare because of its early date but also the fact that it is a yachting scene which is both the rarest and most sought after of all of the boating themes painted by Jacobsen. These early paintings demonstrate a more primitive style from Jacobson’s later works. The color red in the sky which is typical in his paintings in the late 1870’s through the early 1890’s is clearly visible in this painting.
Condition: The painting was recently cleaned and is in excellent 
Condition. Painting has been recently framed with a 19th Century style gold leaf frame with UV plexiglass and a spacer so that the glass does not touch the painting.
Reference 1: “Antonio Jacobsen – The Checklist”, compiled by Harold Sniffen, Published by the Mariners Museum, 1984. Appendix II pages 348-349. The graph showing number of paintings from Jacobsen’s earliest works between 1873-1874 is 5 painting for the 2 years and 12 paintings for 1895. Jacobsen a prolific artist most active year was 1916 with 125 paintings.
Reference 2: “Flying the Colors: The Unseen Treasures of Ninetieth Century Marine Art” by Alan Granby and Janice Hyland, Published by Mystic Seaport 2009. Pages 238-239. Each of these pages has a full-page image each illustrating an American yacht. These paintings are booth signed and dated 1875 and are included in the list of the few know paintings of this early date have many similar traits. Each of these paintings are 10 x 14 in size which is about the same size as the one described above.
Dimensions of Painting: Height 9 ¼, Width 13 3/4, Inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 14 ¼, Width 18 ½, Inches