Fred Pansing (1844- 1912)

Oil on canvas, signed lower left Fred Pansing. The painting depicts the paddle wheel steamboat "Twilight" at an angle showing her port side circa 1890. The name “Twilight” is on a plaque mounted on the front of the wheelhouse and again at the base of the beautifully painted paddle box. The painting is painted with excellent detail a standard quality in most of Pansing’s paintings. The painting depicts details including the walking beam, stacks and truss work, etc. There is a flag pole supporting a guided eagle at its top. The Union Jack is flying from a flag pole at the bow and the American Flag flies from a pole at the stern. There are many passengers depicted on the two decks at the bow and a deck at the stern. On the left one can see a beach with a sandy shore line and a two masted schooner sailing the opposite direction. The water and sky have bright colors and there are reflections from the boat seen clearly in the water.
Note 1: The "Twilight" was built in Delaware in 1868 and her first home port was Philadelphia. 
Note 2: Fred Pansing began painting in Germany and he moved to New York in 1865 to become a marine painter. (PA1037)
Condition: The painting was cleaned and lined around the year 2000. There is almost no in paint and the picture is in excellent condition.
Provenance: A major International Corporation.
Dimensions of Painting: Height  16 1/4  Width 27 1/2, Inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 16 1/4, Width 27 1/2, Inches