James Buttersworth 
                                                                    (American 1817-1894) 
Oil on canvas, signed lower right "J E Buttersworth", circa 1855.  The painting has two square rigged merchant vessels sailing at an angle away from the viewer.  The detail in the hulls, spars, rigging and sails is outstanding.  Both of the ships have false painted gunports which was common of ships of this era.  Each vessel has its stunsails extended on the port side and has an American flag flying off the gaff.  The painting is probably depicting the outer harbor of New York. At the center is a paddlewheel steamer flying an American flag and is probably one of the Collins Line trans-Atlantic packets.  In the foreground are two dories each with six figures in colorful clothing.  Buttersworth would often place these dories in his paintings to add depth and perspective to his paintings. (PA-807)
Dimensions of Painting: 18 x 24