Outstanding polychrome scrimshaw whales tooth by an unknown hand American circa 1850. The tooth depicts on the obverse an eagle holding a banner in his beak as well as a green vine which extends from the beak in a “V” like pattern holding a banner on opposite sides which states “The Ship Mary”. At the center of the banner is a polychrome American shield flanked with a pair of draped American flags with a sparkling star above. Below the banner is an excellent rendering of a ship under full sail flying an American Flag in a green colored sea. There is a beautiful and elaborate border the surrounds the ship and joins it to the opposite ends of the banner The reverse depicts a Brig with red and blue flags and to the right a turreted structure with additional buildings to the right. The is a fancy detail ring border engraved around the tip of the tooth. (SC1206)
Condition: The tooth is in excellent condition and has a warm age patina. There is a very small chip at the right-side base of the tooth.
Dimensions: Height 5 ¾, Width 2 ¼, Inches