Painted pine birdhouse in the form of a country church, American, circa 1890.  The front and rear of the church are gable ends with twelve window openings on four levels.  There is a rounded plank projecting from each window which is a bird perch. Centered below the top window on the front is a white painted horse decoration.  The sides of the church have three rows, each having three windows with perches.  The church has a steep roof with an applied two tiered steeple.  At the peek of the steeple is a metal weathervane with an arrow pointer and directionals.  The body of the church is painted mustard yellow and the base, corner trim and window trim are painted blood-red. Included with the birdhouse are six carved and painted miniature birds which can be placed on any of the perches. (FA-888) 

Condition:  The birdhouse is structurally intact and has an untouched weathered surface. Dimensions:  
Height 56 inches; Width 29 1/4 inches; Depth 20 1/4 inches.