A fine pair of brass yachting cannons with mahogany naval carriages, American, circa 1870-1890.  Each cannon is signed on the right trunnion "GREGORY" and on the left trunnion "Cannon St N.Y." They are complete with breeching rope cascabel similar to Dahlgren type and other muzzle loading U S Navy cannon of the civil war and post-civil war era. The maker obviously intended them to be used on board a sailing vessel and intended to use  breeching rope which was fastened to the gunnels and passed through the horseshoe clevis pieces on the carriage and through the breeching rope provision on the cascabel of the cannon and back to the vessel's side.  It was probably attached by an eye splice to removable bronze eyes.  The barrels are beautifully shaped with touch holes near the back of the barrel.  It was sometimes the case that a cannon would be named after a person which is the case with this pair.  Since these were signal cannons used on yachts the names would likely be the owners or names of the club officials.  Forward of the touch hole one cannon was engraved with the name "WALTER RAY" and the other "GEORGE UPHAM."  The cannons retain their original mahogany naval carriages with lignum vitae wheels.  The wheels retain the original brass axle caps, pins and washers.  The sides of the carriages retain the original through bolts and tie-down brackets.  The top of the carriages retain the original trunnion caps with locking hardware and mounted to the base of the carriage the original brass threaded rod and wheel elevator mechanism.  At the bottom of the carriages mounted to the front and rear are heavy brass loops.   (I882)


Note:   Signed pairs of yacht signal cannons are extremely rare and this is the only pair we are acquainted with.
Condition:  The cannons are remarkably complete and in excellent condition.  There is some typical wear to the wheels.  The wood carriages have been recently polished as well as the barrels and brass hardware.  
Dimensions:  Length overall 37 inches; Length of barrel 31 1/2 inches; Width 17 inches; 
Bore 1 3/4 inches.