A pair of composition stone gatepost eagles, English, circa 1920.  These life size eagles have outstretched talons clutching a rock-like form. The eagles have the wings spread in a standing position with the heads turned as though the birds are looking at each other.  The feathering detail is outstanding and the chest upper and lower wing feathers have different appropriate forms.  The feathers behind the neck are raised giving the appearance that the eagles are aroused.  The feathers on the back of the wings are articulated as well so that the eagles appear finished from each direction.  The eagles are very heavy and originally sat on a stone pier. (FA-814) 


Provenance: The eagles were removed in 2010 from the gate posts of a country estate in the Cotswold's. 
Condition:  The eagles have a mellow weathered surface and a few minor abrasions. 
Dimensions:  Height 36 inches; Width 31 inches; Depth 32 inches.