Pair of 12 inch terrestrial and celestial globes, the terrestial signed 'Joslin's Terrestrial Globe manufactured by Gilman Joslin Boston and the terestial globe is signed 'Joslin's Celestial Globe Manufactured by Gilman Joslin and Son BOSTON' circa 1860. Each globe retains its original mahogany base with semicircular brass circumference ring which is engraved: '0 - 90' degrees.  The circumference ring is supported by a turn mahogany post which sits at the center of a beautifully turned circular base.  Pairs of American globes in this style are extremely rare. (I-778) 
Condition of terrestrial globe:  The globe has a few minor stains and mars.  It has warm age color and is in excellent condition.  The circumference ring and mahogany base are in excellent condition and have a mellow old finish. Condition of the celestial globe:  The celestial globe is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina.  The color
Dimensions:  Height 21 1/2 inches; Width 10 inches.