Pair of fine polychrome scrimshaw whales teeth American circa 1840.The pair of teeth are engraved on both sides . They are beautifully polished and the detail is exceptional. Each of the engravings is polychrome with red, blue, yellow, green and black. The right facing tooth has a wonderful patriotic image of "Hope" holding a large oval plaque with a rope work border with a highly detailed engraved portrait of an American Ship under full sail with a polychrome American flag. Leaning behind and to the right of the plaques is a large anchor with a rope coming down and then coiled on the ground. Hope is depicted as an attractive young women with long black hair wearing a long dress. The reverse depicts a Scotsman wearing a black and red polychrome diamond pattered kilt. He is holding a shield with a picture of a rose on the front and in his right hand he is holding a sword.  The right facing tooth depicts a scene with a woman setting on a fence rail flanked by well-dressed gentleman on either side. The reverse is finely engraved portrait of a seated young women formally dressed in a long dress. She is wearing a red bonnet and she is holding a black and red parasol.  (SC1065)
Note: Although this hand is note identified the quality of the work is comparable to the work of the renewed Bank Note Engraver as well as the Ceres Artist W.A. Gilpin.
Condition: The teeth are in excellent condition and have a few very minor age cracks. The tip of the left facing tooth a tiny loss.
Dimensions: Height 5 1/4 inches